A good secretary is essential for any Key Club if it is going to function well. The office of the secretary is one of the most demanding in the Key Club organization because the secretary manages all of the club’s records, files, and details. The best way for a secretary-elect to begin his/her term is to watch and learn from the present club secretary. He/she will be able to give advice and guidance on how to best handle the job. It may be beneficial to set up time to meet with the present club secretary to ask questions or solicit advice.

How many years have you been in KIWIN'S?


Class of



sherpa, quarter zips, my dog Bebe, IKEA ice cream, tasty town, Every Spongebob Frame In Order on Facebook

Pet Peeves

- when people don't say hi back to me
- giant groups of slow walkers
- not covering a cough/sneeze
- "no offense"
- subtle flexing

Most Memorable KIWIN'S Moment

My most memorable KIWIN'S moment would probably be performing at the 2019 DCON Talent Show with the rest of Kooshi Gang. I had never participated in a talent show, let alone play the Alma Mater and Super Smash Bros. Theme on a recorder in front of such a large audience. Even though we didn't place, the experience itself was super fun and something I'll never forget. I loved practicing with the other members, and although it was stressful at some points, everything paid off in the end. I can't wait for Kooshi Gang Part 2 :)

Favorite Meme/Tik Tok

Why did you join KIWIN'S

I was first encouraged by my sister to join KIWIN'S, but after seeing the club for myself, joining was a decision that I made on my own! My very first event was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, and even though I had to wake up at 4 in the morning for it, the whole experience cheering with the members made my day. The environment was so upbeat and inclusive, and as a freshman, that was something I really needed! I grew to love that environment, and here I am today!

One Quote That Describes You

"I might as well sleep for 100 years or so." - Squidward

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