Nelson Diu

Throughout the month of April, Nelson has been attending countless events, and for every event, Nelson is more than willing to provide rides! Even if events are early in the morning and last for hours, Nelson is always hard-working and enthusiastic to help out. His smile and laughter makes every event even more memorable! We are so grateful to have such a dedicated member in our club!


Jennifer Bui

Jennifer has always been a dedicated member and attended multiple events across the past year. She has a great attitude during service events and never complains. For example, at our Walk, Run, Read 5K event, she was eager to help the event coordinators unload their trucks and took the initiative to cheer on runners even though there was only her and a couple of other people at her designated spot. Thank you so much!


Amber Lim

As the school year comes to an end, Amber has proven to be a dedicated member to our ohana by going to multiple events this month! At every event, Amber has had a great work ethic and an amazing personality, eager to help out in any way possible. She is also willing to make new friends with the other volunteers and never fails to liven up the atmosphere. Thank you, Amber!


Brian Nguyen

In July, Brian has been especially dedicated. He tuned into the summer livestream meeting, stayed the whole time (approximately 2 hours!!), and participated in our giveaway! In addition to that, Brian attended our baking social with FV KIWIN'S and was very open and socialble to people from both schools. He always attends events with such spirit and good attitude and isn't afraid to ask questions. As a sophomore, he displays such dedication, and it is truly admirable!


Jacqueline Hoang

Jacqueline rediscovered her passion for KIWIN'S and began going to as many events as she could. She attended the OC Yoga Festival with such a warm and welcoming attitude and socialized with everyone! SHe even provided rides, which was extremely helpful because we were short on rides. She always offered to help when the event coordinators needed assistance, and she made an effort to talk to everyone! She was definitely a model member for the month of August!


Darwin Ta

Darwin was one of the first freshmen that came out to one of our events! He came with spirit and was not afraid to social with the board. Despite being only a freshman, Darwin has shown a great passion for KIWIN'S and even goes out of his way to encourage other freshmen to attend our events! Not only does he attend events, he also cheers and strives to be as helpful as possible to his community! We are so proud to have Darin as a member, and we hope to see him more in the future!


Catherine Le

Within the past few months, Catherine has become a familiar despite only being a freshman! In the month of October, Catherine went to three out of four of our events even if it meant waking up at the crack of dawn! Moreover, she is always energetic and is willing to help out in any way she can. Her enthusiasm is quite contagious, and she never fails to bring a smile to everyone else's face! She certainly stands out within our club, so thank you, Catherine!


Allison Mai

Allison always shows up to events with a bright, outgoing, and cheerful attitude! She always livens the atmosphere wherever she is whether it is at the crack of dawn or after working strenuously for several hours! She goes out of her way to socialize with others and is always prepared to be of assistance anywhere she is neeeded! Because of that, we are extremely fortunate to have her be a part of our ohana!

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