Major Emphasis

KIWIN'S members currently will focus their time and talents on Live2Learn, specifically focused on 5-9 year old youth, with the main goals of promoting education and building literary skills. This program not only creates endless possibilities to strengthen the common goal of service, but also allows each KIWIN'S member to develop into a well-rounded individual community leader and lifelong advocate for children's education.

Minor Emphasis

Established in 1992, Pediatric Trauma Program, our Minor Emphasis, is a main focus of KIWIN'S in conjunction with Cal-Nev-Ha Kiwanis. Pediatric Trauma affects children from infancy to age nineteen. It is a result of motor vehicle accidents, physical abuse, drowning accidents, falls, and animal bites, making it the leading cause of death of children in the United States. Every year it results in sixteen million emergency visits and twenty thousand deaths. To prevent these accidents and injuries from happening, KIWIN'S has focused on fighting Pediatric Trauma through raising funds and by increasing general awareness through education.

Governor's Project

"Our mission is simple: Build a socially-conscious generation of young people who END the global water crisis. We do this by educating students about it and activating them to rock the clean water cause & build real water projects all over the world. Why Water? Health and Sanitation: Waterborne diseases kill more children every single year than AIDS, Malaria, and all world violence combined. Small children typically do not have strong enough immune systems to fight diseases like cholera, dysentery, or schistosomiasis." (via thirstproject.org)

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