A good secretary is essential for any Key Club if it is going to function well. The office of the secretary is one of the most demanding in the Key Club organization because the secretary manages all of the club’s records, files, and details. The best way for a secretary-elect to begin his/her term is to watch and learn from the present club secretary. He/she will be able to give advice and guidance on how to best handle the job. It may be beneficial to set up time to meet with the present club secretary to ask questions or solicit advice.

How many years have you been in KIWIN'S?


Class of



doodling/calligraphy, late-night snacking, sleeping <3, eating ice-cream (my fave flavor is mint chocolate chip!), listening to music!!

Pet Peeves

- when people arrogantly chew gum OBNOXIOUSLY in front of a teacher... like are you asking to be caught??!
- asking a this or that question and the person answers with a "yes"
- getting yelled at for doing something wrong when the person didn't even give clear instructions
- having a notification number outside of an app (like unread messages)
- losing my phone in the abyss that is my bed
- walking out of your room when looking for something and then forgetting what you're looking for
- when someone leaves your room without closing the door...!!!

Most Memorable KIWIN'S Moment

My most memorable KIWIN'S moment would be going to Socal Corgi Beach Day my freshman year. I met SO many new people and have gotten closer to people that I never imagined I would talk to, and to this day, I am still extremely grateful for that opportunity. I have bonded with others over the same passion and love for KIWIN'S <3

Favorite Meme/Tik Tok

Why did you join KIWIN'S

I joined KIWIN'S because I wanted to be involved in a club, but saw that KIWIN'S was not just any club. They seemed like a family! Furthermore, the board members at club rush were SO ENERGETIC! I admired their energy and passion for KIWIN'S and signed up with the hopes of loving KIWIN'S as much as they did. After a year, I can say that I love KIWIN'S so much and hope to bring others to love it too!

One Quote That Describes You

"your mom!!!!!"

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