A spirit chair has to be very spirited of course. They also have to encourage many other members to cheer along and be spirited as well. He or she is in charge of committees established by board, and helps around the creative team whenever they need assistance.

How many years have you been in KIWIN'S?


Class of



i love playing video games, binging movies and shows with friends, and just spending time with the people i love the most!!

Pet Peeves

- “that’s mines”
- chewing with mouth open
- messy work areas
- calling me by my brothers name
- johnny tran

Most Memorable KIWIN'S Moment

picture this. it’s four in the morning, pitch black, raining and no signs of fellow volunteers. one of my favorite times because i got to laugh and be lost with my friends while we were also frantically screaming for help.

Favorite Meme/Tik Tok

Why did you join KIWIN'S

i first joined KIWIN’S because it was that one popular club everyone joined. not until my sophomore year did i realize this club was the best thing that had happened to me and where i met the loveliest people!!

One Quote That Describes You

“is mayonnaise an instrument?” - Patrick Star

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