A technology chair is in charge of making and maintaining a website for the club. He or she must cooperate with the bulletin editor to develop countless graphic designs for the website. In addition, he or she must help the bulletin editor create flyers and ads for events within the club.

How many years have you been in KIWIN'S?


Class of



sleeping, playing video games, eating, hanging out with friends, watching Netflix

Pet Peeves

-slow walkers especially couples who take up so much space
-people that repeatedly click their pens
-people that don't listen when you tell them to stop

Most Memorable KIWIN'S Moment

My most memorable KIWIN'S experience was when I stood in the pouring rain at 4am waiting for a ride.

Favorite Meme/Tik Tok

Why did you join KIWIN'S

i joined KIWIN’S because my friends were in it and told me to. also to wake up extremely early and be more sleep deprived than I already am.

One Quote That Describes You

"Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today!" - Phineas

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