A diligent treasurer is critical for any Key Club to run smoothly. The role of a treasuer is not simple as they have to keep track of club funds, maintain records of expenditures, prepare budgets, plan fundraisers, and much more. To be successful, treasurers should be organized and communicate with fellow board members to ensure everything is running properly.

How many years have you been in KIWIN'S?


Class of



Photography, movies, marvel, and tommy nguyen

Pet Peeves

slow walkers

Most Memorable KIWIN'S Moment

When Johnny clowned himself at Jet Banquet by screaming “THIRST PROJECT THIRST PROJECT” like a little gremlin in front of the entire division

Favorite Meme/Tik Tok

Why did you join KIWIN'S

Because I wanted to have a memorable high school experience and meet new people

One Quote That Describes You


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